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The Countdown to Net Neutrality

We are in the final countdown to the vote on Net Neutrality which will take place at the FCC Open Meeting on December 14th. I've discussed today's onerous Title II Internet regulations in previous blog posts and why it makes sense to return to the lighter touch Title I regulations used prior to 2015.

Earlier this week, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai delivered some remarks on Restoring Internet Freedom in Washington, DC. The text of Pai’s remarks (link following), discuss: 1). What the plan will do,

2). Why Pai is proposing it, and 3). His response to the main criticisms leveled against it.

We have been following the debates on Net Neutrality over the past couple of years. We agree overall with Pai’s Net Neutrality proposal which would roll back the misplaced Title II regulations. Our Edge Spectrum, Inc. business plan is aligned with Pai’s FCC proposal, and his remarks highlight that our rural Internet Service Provider partners are also in favor of it.

Less than two weeks to go now before the Commission’s vote on Net Neutrality. I'll be back with an update after the FCC meeting.

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