March 06, 2018

ATSC 3.0 Marches On

ATSC 3.0 is on the move as adoption is finalized by the FCC. Adoption by TV stations remains voluntary for now, but that's not stopping one TV station from jumping ahead for the first ever Winter Olympics broadcast in 4K HD!

April 14, 2017

Repack Notice Triggers Time, Money Fears

Broadcasters are concerned that the logistics and costs of moving about a thousand stations will not be adequate to meet time deadlines and the reimbursement money alloted. “It still feels like the FCC should have, and could have, done a better job at optimizing the repack and causing less disruption and have had a lower cost to reimburse for the repack,” says Nexstar's Brett Jenkins.


By Phil Kurz

February 13, 2017

987 Stations Displaced, 175 Broadcasters to Split $10 Billion Following VIA

987 Stations Displaced, 175 Broadcasters to Split $10 Billion

Public Notice triggers 90-day construction, modification and reimbursement application window

February 22, 2017

FCC Lets Class A Low Powers Kick Tires on ATSC 3.0 Says it could help FCC with its broadband plans

Says it could help FCC with its broadband plans

February 17, 2017

FCC Ok's WatchTV ATSC 3.0 DTS Experiment

WatchTV, a low-power broadcaster in the Pacific Northwest plans to fire up ATSC 3.0 broadcasts on multiple frequencies over a distributed transmission system, or DTS. 

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Edge Spectrum Inc Acquires 3ABN Stations

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Edge Spectrum Inc (ESI) announced today the acquisition of sixty operating Low Power Television (LPTV) Stations  and ten LPTV construction permits

Edge Spectrum Continues Growth Through Acquisition

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ESI today announced the acquisition of 196 television station licenses and construction permits that will increase the company's total discreet coverage to over 106 million persons

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