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Broadcasters Praise the FCC Vote to Authorize the ATSC 3.0 Next Generation TV Standard

Reaction to the FCC vote to authorize ATSC 3.0 was very positive among broadcasters and organizations. The NAB stated the commission’s endorsement of 3.0 “marks the beginning of a reinvention of free and local broadcast television in America.” Sinclair Broadcast Group and its subsidiary One Media announced their intention to roll out a next generation TV network, including a multi-channel multi-site single frequency network in a top 10 TV market. Pearl TV, a consortium of eight large broadcasters, believes the vote signaled a confirmation that broadcasting has an essential role to play for both public safety and bringing next generation content to viewers.

The Advanced Television Systems Committee was gratified that ATSC 3.0 was authorized, but also issued a reminder that its work must continue. ATSC President Mark Richer expects the finishing touches to ATSC 3.0 standards to be completed by the end of 2017.

We are delighted this milestone has been completed. The starting line has been reached!

Our Edge Spectrum, Inc. business plan is perfectly aligned with the FCC vote to approve

ATSC 3.0. I'll provide an update on the standards work soon.

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